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Over 40 years of Corporate and Academic Research experience ( Gold Medal Scholar)
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Marketing & Sales

Design of Questionnaire based on your Business Objectives. Data Cleaning using advanced R tools. Data Analysis using advanced tools and techniques. Report for Actions and Decisions

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Operations Management

Linear regression, Logistic Regression, Monte Carlo Simulation, PERT/CPM, Transportation and Assignment Optimizations , Decision Tree ,Linear Programming….and…many..more…

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data solutions

New technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics..etc. taking Businesses into next level of Advanced Statistical Decision Making. We provide customized Data solutions in the following areas of Advanced Statistics and Analytics.

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Research data

Just provide Research data in Excel file..and …Relax. We will provide you complete Data Analysis using basic and advanced Statistical tools.

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Fundamentals of Statistics is a must for Advanced Machine Learning and AI
Statistical tools & R computing for the best and competitive Decision

Use of statistical tools, methodologies, and models in human resource management has increased because of HR analytics and predictive HR decision making. Financial data analysis use Statistical tools in the areas of loan payment prediction, customer credit policy analysis, classification and clustering of customers for targeted marketing, fraud detection. In retail industry, as data is from various sources like sales, customer purchasing history, goods transportation, consumption and services, Statistical tools help in better decision making. Telecommunication industry extensively uses Statistics tools to identify telecommunication patterns, detect fraudulent activities, improve the quality of services and optimize resources.Healthcare data analytics helping to realize the goals of diagnosing, treating, helping, and healing all patients in need of healthcare.

  • Foundation of Analytics for Decades

  • Powerful Analytics Platform

  • Productivity and Profitability

  • Design,Methodology,Analysis,Advanced Tools

advanced tools

Latest tools and techniques for Competitive and best Results

machine learning

Machine learning uses some statistical algorithms in a certain way without being explicitly programmed. The algorithms receive an input value and predict an output for this by the use of certain statistical methods.

R programming

A great tool for use in data analytics, R programming comes to be of major use when it comes to business analytics, Research data analysis, Data Visualization

Advanced statistics

Random Forest/Bootstrap/Bayesian
Data is becoming BIG and complex computing is fast. Business and Research benefited from analytics platforms. Supervised and Unsupervised model building is the trend.

data visualization

Graphics – Base/Grid/Lattice/ggplot
Interactive graphics help Decision making more real time. Applications like Shiny enable server/web base Data Visualization tools.


Customized solutions at a competitive fee resulted in large base of Clients and Customers

Recent trends in Machine Learning and AI applications demands Fundamental and Advanced Statistics

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As per recent study... "Big Data trends shift rapidly, but experts expect machine learning, predictive analytics, IoT and edge computing to have a big impact on big data projects in the years ahead" (
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